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After the recent success of the Biobidet BB-2000, the team decided to ask their customers to see what features of the bidet seat they liked the most. Four years later the Biobidet Discovery DLS was released on January 8th, 2021 going on the market as Biobidet’s premium flagship bidet seat. Toiletland Canada is proud to be the first Canadian vendor to feature the unit and we cannot wait to hear your experiences after the recent success of the Biobidet BB-2000!

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    • Auto Open/Close
    • UV Sterilization
    • Low Profile Design
    • Heated Seat
    • Night Light
    • Dynamic Stream
    • Low Profile Design
    • Adjustable Settings
    • Enhanced Air Dryer
    • Premier 5 Year Warranty
Introducing the Biobidet DLS

Slim tankless design

Auto Lid/UV Sterilization along with the best warranty of 5 years


Tankless design along with the next generation heating element, the shock of cold water is now a thing of a past, with unlimited amounts of it!


Male or female, enjoy the convenience of the lid going up and down without you needing to physically touch it.


The wand being cleaned before and after each use, ensures the cleanest water to ever come out of a bidet.


Toilet Type

First learn the type of toilet you need as you will need a special kit for toilet type B! Just let us know and we will include it in the kit!


Toilet Fit

Please note the Discovery DLS is only in elongated form. If you require a round seat, we recommend the BB-2000!


110 Volt Outlet Req

Even though the cord is 3 feet long, make sure you have an electrical outlet as we do sell units with no electricity required!

Find out why the DLS leads in terms of value.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 20.79 × 16.38 × 5.59 in
Seat Type/Color

Remote Color


9 reviews for Biobidet Discovery DLS Luxury Bidet Seat

  1. mevanp (verified owner)

    This seat is easy to use and looks are amazing! Heater works great, water temp is spot on every time. Very well thought out remote. Invest your money in the Discovery DLS and enjoy a new way of life. I just ordered my second BioBidet Discovery DLS.

  2. Ryan Augusto (verified owner)

    Just received my Discovery DLS yesterday. It’s the first bidet seat I’ve ever purchased! I outdid myself a bit but I don’t regret it one bit. This thing makes you feel like you’ve just left a spa every time you use the bathroom. We all know it doesn’t usually feel that way.

    I think that it’s taking some time for North America to get used to the idea of using water to clean ourselves rather than toilet paper. Make an investment in yourself. It feels good, and will save you some cash on toilet paper. Truth is I was using around $300 in toilet paper per year in my household anyway. If this last me 8 years I’ve more than payed it off and started investing for the next one!

    Phillip, the owner of Toiletland is fantastic. I’ve had a really great experience using this company as they were incredibly attentive to me throughout the entire process including the delayed shipping issues due to the holiday.

    Thanks a lot Toiletland! Feels good to be clean! 😀

  3. Raymond Gelera (verified owner)

    We ordered our Bio Bidet Discovery DLS on Sunday and received it on Wednesday. It was relatively straightforward to install and it’s working without issue. The price point is great and it has all the features that I was looking for at a fraction of the cost of other higher end units.

    Philip is exceptional to deal with and he even followed up with an email almost immediately after the unit was delivered. I will be ordering at least one more in the very near future.

  4. stevengill97 (verified owner)

    Toiletland staff had great customer service. Answered all of my questions quickly. Shipping was quite fast too.

    I got the biobidet discovery DLS. It had a great set of features. Love the heated seat. Love using the remote to lift the second seat when taking a leak. Installation was easy. I followed a YouTube video. It did take a few days to get used to the seat itself. The opening was smaller than my previous seat, and with the big back, you can’t sit as far back as you might be used to. But it didn’t take long to get used to this. Absolutely love my purchase! Can’t do number 2 anywhere else now haha.

  5. Mike Oliver (verified owner)

    First time using Toiletland Canada and what a great experience. Did thorough research on price and shipping and Toiletland Canada crushed the big box stores. Philip is great to deal with ! Quick reply and great service. 10/10 would recommend !

  6. 68californiaspecial

    We’ve had the Biobidet Discovery DLS bidet seat for a week now. It’s best to describe the full process. The online ordering process via Phillip from Toiletland Canada was outstanding. Great responsiveness and everything delivered as promised. When I unpackaged the box, the unit clearly announced its premium quality with everything from packaging to hardware being first class. Installation was an absolute breeze. Operationally, the bidet continues to impress. My wife absolutely loves it and when I get the chance to use it, I’m equally impressed. I highly recommend the Discovery DLS and Toiletland Canada!

  7. Rob Harvey (verified owner)

    So this is a truly wonderful bidet seat. I had the BB2000 for a number of years and like anything these days nothing lasts forever. Apart from my bracket being broken for years, the unit started to leak and so began my hunt for a replacement. I was about to purchase one from which was a better price and alternative to a few other choices. But before I made the purchase I needed to make sure that if I bought it from Amazon that I wouldn’t have any issues as far as warranty was concerned. As some of you may already know, sometimes when you buy something from Amazon and not the manufacturer or authorized dealer of the brand that you could have issues later on. So I wanted to contact Biobidet directly to confirm that Amazon is an authorized dealer. Upon confirmation that they are indeed an authorized dealer the wonderful rep also mentioned a couple of other authorized dealers and Toiletland was one of them. Initially when I got off the phone with Biobidet, I was just going to head to Amazon and purchase the BB2000. But something or someone spoke to me in my head and said go check out Toiletland.

    To my complete surprise and amazement the BB2000 was cheaper, not only cheaper but MUCH cheaper. In fact, the upgraded Discovery DLS was cheaper than the BB2000 on Amazon, so there was an obvious decision to make here and that was to get the DLS because it was cheaper by a bunch and better. Boom, 1 week later she arrives at my front door and within 30 mins DLS was installed. Installation was easy because I had the connections already. I changed one hose and we were ready to go. It is a wonderful upgrade and feels great. Warm seat, warm water and warm air, just makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over. Plus, this thing has a 5 year warranty, 2 more years over and above the other one.

    From the moment I opened the box and saw the luxurious looking folder with all the information and manual in it. That folder with the black and Rose Gold text is a sweet touch, gives you the feeling that you are buying something special. Everything was packaged beautifully, the hardware felt good and solid, the hoses and fittings are top notch quality, and as I mentioned just one week from B.C. to the GTA. I really can’t say enough of how pleased I am with this experience.

    Winner winner chicken dinner. I’m so glad I decided to call Biobidet first. This has turned into a great experience. As a repeat customer of Biobidet and New client for Toiletland, I will certainly recommend this site to everyone.

  8. Hui He (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this bidet seat! Easy to install. Loving the auto open, loving the heat seat! Also the great customer service! Will buy another.

  9. Jay (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the BioBidet Discovery DLS and I must say, it has been a game-changer in my bathroom experience! The sleek and modern design seamlessly integrates with any decor, while the dual nozzle system, adjustable water pressure and temperature settings, and oscillating and pulsating functions provide a thorough cleansing experience. Installation was a breeze, and the bidet’s self-cleaning nozzles and user-friendly maintenance make hygiene a priority. The customer support from Phillip was exceptional. I highly recommend the BioBidet Discovery DLS for its outstanding design, functionality, and commitment to cleanliness and comfort. Thank you Toiletland!

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