Experience the convenience of having delicious and clean filtered water whenever you want it. While it would be ideal for the water from your tap to be free from contaminants, it might actually contain harmful substances like particles, chemicals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Eliminate the uncertainty regarding the quality of your drinking water by using the Cypress Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System. This modern and efficient dispenser utilizes a combination of composite-plus, patented nanotrap, and carbon block technologies to ensure that your water remains clear, without any odors, and maintains a great taste. Connecting the dispenser to your faucet and positioning your cup under the spout is all it takes to enjoy refreshing, filtered water whenever you desire.


Please note: You also have the option to install the Cypress system to the water connection beneath your sink using the Cypress Alternate Installation T-valve (available separately).


  • holds WQA Gold Seal certification
  • advanced 3-stage filtration
  • elegant countertop design
  • easy installation and maintenance

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Enjoy Delicious,
Filtered Water

Three-Stage Countertop Water Filtration System®

Composite Plus Filter

A multi-layered filter targeting sediment, rust, chlorine, heavy metals, and more. It's the first step in water filtration, using diverse media to address various impurities.

Nanotech Filter

Utilizing nanotechnology, this filter employs tiny materials to remove smaller particles, microbes, and potentially dissolved contaminants, providing advanced purification beyond traditional filters.

Carbon Block Filter

Using activated carbon, this filter effectively adsorbs chlorine, VOCs, and odors, enhancing taste. It's commonly the final purification stage, ensuring clean and better-tasting water.

Efficient Performance Right On Your Countertop.

The Cypress Water Filtration System for Countertops provides a triple-stage filtration process.


Water Quality
Association Certification.

Certified under NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, and 372.

Simplified Faucet

Cypress conveniently connects to faucets, perfect for apartments, offices, and small spaces.

cypress kitchen

Easy Installation and Maintenance.

Swap out the composite plus and carbon block filters every 6 months, and change the nanotrap filter every 12 months.

cypress filter

Extended Duration of
Filter Use.

The patented nanotrap filter diminishes waterborne microorganisms, including a variety of bacteria and viruses.

Effortless Countertop Functionality 

Our Cypress Nanotrap Filter uses a three-stage process to comprehensively remove contaminants.

Innovative Patented Nanotrap Filter

This filter reduces turbidity and targets waterborne microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses.

Simplified Fauce Attachment

Cypress conveniently connects to faucets, perfect for apartments, offices, and small spaces.

Easy Push Button Operation

Enjoy filtered water on demand with just one touch.

Endorsed by WQA Certification

Cypress meets NSF/ANSI 42, 53, and 372 standards for specified reductions and low lead compliance.


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