C3® 125 Toilet Seat with Bidet Functionality



  • Features
  • Elongated seat with lid and bidet functionality.
  • Two separate water nozzles, one anterior and another posterior, spray the user with warm, aerated water.
  • Warm air function for drying, with three temperature and fan-speed settings.
  • Heated Quiet-Close™ Quick-Release™ seat includes three different temperature settings.
  • Deodorizer helps to minimize odors.
  • A sensor ensures the user is seated before functions are activated.
  • Energy-save mode reduces energy consumption when the seat is not in use.
  • Lighted bowl serves as a night-light.
  • Side-seat controls for convenient access.
  • Tank heater.
  • Includes an antimicrobial agent that protects the toilet seat from odor- and stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Antimicrobial agent does not protect the user from disease-causing bacteria.
  • Material
  • Plastic
  • Installation
  • Requires a dedicated circuit electrical outlet.

Experience a new level of cleansing for daily comfort and confidence. This advanced C3 toilet seat with bidet functionality uses naturally soothing water as a refreshing, hygienic alternative to toilet tissue. Easy-to-use controls let you adjust the water spray for temperature and pulsating motion–all at the touch of a button. Other amenities include a heated seat, adjustable warm-air flow for drying, and built-in odor control.

Additional information

Weight4.2 lbs
Dimensions41.6 × 50.6 × 16 in
Seat Type/Color



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