Coway Model BA15 Bidet




Economical Bidet with Necessary Amenities

  • Universal Bracket for Installations on various ceramic bowl sizes
  • Hydraulic Lid
  • Wall-mountable Remote Control

Coway’s product description for this model refers to it as an “economical bidet” which has “necessary amenities.”

What that means is that this bidet is what I like to call an ‘entry bidet’. The price is right, and while it might not have all the features of a ‘premium bidet’ it will get you started with some of the staple features of one, which includes:

A universal bracket, allowing for installation on a variety of toilet. It also includes a Hydraulic Lid, for easy opening and closing of the toilet-cover portion of the bidet, as well as a wall-mountable remote control.

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Additional information

Weight6.7 lbs
Dimensions18.9 × 19.9 × 4.9 in
Seat Type/Color


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