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5 Features Bidet Users Cannot Live Without Are:

On Demand Hot Water System

A lot of users complain about the shock of cold water, when using their bidet. Program to the perfect temperature settings for your comfort. Health and comfort benefits include reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids, cleaning private areas quick with greater comfort. The top bidet seats in this category would provide instant heating water with no warm up time.

Adjustable Nozzles

Whether you are tall, short, robust, etc. The multi-angle and directions of adjustable nozzles will ensure a custom fit every time. Like the powered seat in your car, having different types of adjusting motion greatly increases your comfort. Saved settings allow each member of your household to get a custom fit.

Oder Neutralizer

Eliminating odor gets rid of any awkward moments. Most bidet seats have a built-in-fan. This gets rid of any odor with a specialized charcoal filter, the same material used in air purifiers. No more embarrassments when someone else is waiting for the washroom.

Strong Air Dryer

Never have an empty roll experience gain. Going paperless may not be something you jump into but air dryers will make the transition so much smoother. Save the ecosystem and reduce your costs. Not only that here at Toiletland Canada we believe in selling only the most satisfied seats that will keep a butt happy and warm!

Easy To Use Remote Control

An essential part of any Bidet System. For those who may have limited mobility this is a convenient feature, by having easy access to the controls never be left in an awkward situation again. The ability to control temperature, spray and drying ensures you get the same result every time. Clean! Sometimes two bidets have the exact same features but only difference is the remote is wireless and while the other is integrated into the seat itself.

When shopping for your bidet, keep in mind what functions you want and which you need. Build your own custom bidet experience. Despite having a higher cost of entry, most bidets should pay off within 2-5 years (family size dependent) for an average size family.

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