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Item is backordered! You can pre-order and we hope to ship by the end of May 2023. Thank you for your continued support!

Introduced in August of 2013, the proven and reliable Bio Bidet BB 2000 Bliss Series bidet toilet seat is one of the best sellers here at Toiletland Canada. Fast forward to 2023 AND IT IS STILL our best selling electronic bidet seat in Canada! Our customers rave about the water pressure and the reliability. The BB 2000 offers some serious upgrades over the previous generation BB-1000, and with an attractive price, its price to performance ratio cannot be beat.

Even though the BB-2000 is tried tested and true, the Biobidet DLS Discovery bidet is now their new benchmark in terms of luxury comfort, slim design and the auto up-down lid, however, bare in mind that the BB-2000 water pressure is still the strongest at .7 liters per minute versus the DLS’s .6 liters per minute.

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(18 customer reviews)

Toiletland's Best Seller!

Features Customers Rave About:

  • 400 lbs of seat weight limit
  • Best water pressure in the business in terms of price to performance ratio
  • Reliable design with a standard 3 year warranty, extended 6 year warranty available! 
  • Easy Install, click on the video tab to view and watch
  • Competitively priced in Canada, shipping from British Columbia with Canpar
  • Aesthetic design and easy to use instructions and remote. 

Your Biobidet-BB-2000 Includes:

  • One 7/8 Inch T-Valve stainless steel
  • One 7/8 inch to 3/8 inch braided hose stainless steel
  • One bidet seat supply hose
  • One 90 Degree° metal bracket
  • One seat mounting bracket
  • A couple of mounting screws
  • 2X AAA batteries included

Hybrid Heating Technology

The new Hybrid Heating System combines water flow and temperature consistency with a limitless duration to produce continuous warm and rejuvenating water flow.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat Features:
  • Wireless remote control (wall mountable) in white or black
  • Hybrid water heating system combines benefits of reservoir tank and instant heating technologies
  • Gentle aerated water stream
  • Patented 3-in-1 single nozzle system
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Patent pending hydro-flush self cleaning nozzle
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Water pulse feature
  • Massage cleaning
  • Turbo (enema) wash feature
  • Touch screen mini control panel
  • Night Light
  • Warm air dryer
  • Temperature controlled heated seat
  • Slow closing seat and lid
  • Occupied seat sensor
  • Built in water filter
  • Powerful air deodorizer with carbon filter
  • Auto smart power saving
  • Self diagnose function
  • Quality approved by UL
  • Adjustable nozzle position

Additional information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions46 × 53.1 × 15.2 in
Seat Type/Color


Remote Color



18 reviews for Bio Bidet BB 2000 “Bliss” Model

  1. teddy (verified owner)

    Speaking as an individual with back problems, the BB2000 has been a life changer. I’ve had this coupled with a elongated comfort height toilet for the past several months and not a single day goes by I don’t appreciate having this bidet. I know it’s funny to talk about this, but the hygienic improvements in cleaning and avoiding hemorrhoids makes this product worth every penny. I did a ton of research before I pulled the trigger on the BB2000, and I have absolutely no regrets.

  2. Darwin Wikman (verified owner)

    Excellent product, fast delivery. It leaves you feeling so clean, should have got one years ago. The company is super to deal with. I had a problem with my, that was my own fault. Emailed them and they took care of it right away. Quick response to my emails, and they sent a new one right away. At no cost to me. Wow is all I can say! if your thinking about purchasing a bidet this is the company to go with.



  3. Toiletland Admin (verified owner)

    —–Original Message—–
    From: (censored)
    Sent: June 25, 2020 2:37 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: BB 2000

    To whom it may concern;

    I wanted to say that I was very impressed with how quickly my bidet came. I managed to install it myself, which is not bad for a 60 year old woman. It works very well, and recommend it highly. My late husband had ALS, and it was instrumental in keeping his bowels regular, and skin intact. I am also a retired nurse, and know how important good hygiene is for a wheelchair bound person. In 5 years, of being totally paralyzed, he did not once get a bed sore, and I know it was because of the bidet, and how it kept him clean. It also helped to keep his dignity, as having someone else wipe your bottom, after a bowel movement can be quite, degrading.

  4. Toiletland Admin (verified owner)

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Clair
    Sent: January 30, 2021 1:59 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re [Toiletland Canada]: New Order #XXXX Tracking

    I’m just writing to let you know that I am very happy with my Bio Bidet BB2000 Bliss. We are long time bidet users and have a high end Toto in the house and we bought the Bio Bidet Bliss to replace a Brondell Swash 1000 that had a seat that cracked. I have waited a few weeks to write as I wanted to compare the performance of the Bio Bidet to our other bidets. I have to say it is the best! Water pressure is by far the best and the features are great. Our first Toto years ago had great water pressure but they followed low water usage regulations in the States and it is a disappointment now. I think everything on the Bio Bidet out performs the Toto and the Brondell. Seat is nice and easily set to preferred temperature, same with the water temperature. But for me the water pressure and the range of where the water sprays and how it sprays is a huge reason to buy the Bio Bidet. I think the enema feature will be useful for us as we age and muscles are less efficient. The seat is solid and I don’t think we will have any problems with it cracking as we have one heavy weight in the house. Great product. Delivery and service was great. Thanks.

  5. Patrick Eid (verified owner)

    I never was a bidet believer until I purchased the Bio Bidet 2000 from toiletland. Delivery was quick, installation easy and customer service very courteous.
    Once installed and tested, a concept changed in my head and now I’m never going back to just wiping with tissues…
    And to be honest I will convince my friends to get a Bidet as my new motto is “water does it better”
    Thank you toiletland for providing me with such a BLISS more specifically the BB2000 Bliss 🙂

  6. italsteel (verified owner)

    Great service, efficient communication and a really easy way to get their products.
    I had 2 times shopping from this company and I happy from Bio Bidet BB 2000 “Bliss”.
    The man I spoke with was very helpful in answering questions as well as helping the customer.

  7. jnking (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the purchase of Bio Bidet BB 2000 Bliss. The company had some problem with shipping due to the highways being closed however I want to complment them for the extra effort they went to for my order to arrive in a timely manner. The bidet was easy to install and it works as advertised. Thanks Phillip.

  8. mick2 (verified owner)

    Great product and excellent customer service. Some shipping issues due to road closures but the company was willing to accommodate in any manner that suited my needs. Thank you for the great support in a difficult time. Phillip was great to deal with.

  9. Richard Payne (verified owner)

    We shopped around and reviewed many different Bidets and different companies that sold them. Ordered the Bio Bidet BB-2000. We are both very impressed with this bidet. Had to wait for it to arrive for some time. Toiletland was excellent and gave us an extra discount for waiting so long.

  10. William Pan (verified owner)

    got an awesome deal on this best biobidet. very easy to install and use, all our families love this prodcut, can’t imagine how to live without it in the future.

  11. francis.robert.411 (verified owner)

    This bidet is the second one I’ve used in my life, and I cannot think of a flaw. It is warm, comfy, easy to use, easy to install. The quality of construction is sharp, and the remote is easy to use. Really feels backwards to use toilet paper now, even after a short amount of time using it. Imagine if you had poop on your hand, would you really just wipe them with a paper towel ?

  12. Daniel (verified owner)

    Service is good even though missing some parts at the first delivery. To be honest, the bidet is easy to install but not good as Toto I used before.

  13. pl68030 (verified owner)

    We’ve owned a Toto and now this Bio Bidet BB2000, overall I prefer the Bio Bidet, more options to control the location and power of the spray. Toiletland was great to deal with, customer service was fast and friendly, would definitely shop here again if we are in the market for a new seat.

  14. samuelhans (verified owner)

    The BB2000 is my first entry into the bidet world. Setup was very easy, although it requires an extension cord to use with my setup. The features are nice and easy to use with the remote. Cleanliness wise I feel it gets the job done. My wife appreciates the heated seats as it gives a bit of comfort during the process. The blue light is also a nice mini bathroom light, where it isn’t too obtrusive but good enough to view the area. The area water portion works really well as the warm water makes it quite comfortable. My only complaint is that the round-bowl version has less space than a regular non-bidet seat, so make sure to check that out before a purchase.

    Want to give a shout out to customer service. They’re pretty detailed in their dialogue and always eager to solve any problems. I ran into some issues with my order (which were entirely my fault) originally. The issue was resolved to the highest of satisfaction, thanks to them. Appreciate it!

  15. Stephen MacKenzie (verified owner)

    Was convinced by my brother-in-law to buy a bio-bidet 2000 toilet seat. He swears by the product. We decided to listen to him and take the plunge into the world of bidet’s. As my 18 year old son has said “it is a game changer”.

  16. roxanneyeun (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and model works well! I can appreciate the warm seat during the colder months and also appreciate how clean the bidet gets you after you do your business. I also like the built in fan that runs while you are on the seat… that helps a lot if your bathroom isn’t ventilated well. Definitely recommend. It’s our first bidet and can’t be more pleased. When the pandemic hit and toilet paper was hard to find we almost took the plunge then… now we are prepared if that ever happens again.

  17. moalli (verified owner)

    I purchased the BB-2000 in November 2022. I installed it myself in 30 minutes and had an electrician add an outlet near our toilet as it was not convenient to use an extension cord. So far, I have to admit that I am very impressed! The variety of jets and pressure works and cleans very well. We use the lukewarm setting: the BB-2000 provides a continuous stream of water at the selected temperature. We also noticed a huge drop in toilet paper consumption. A great purchase: wish I’d bought it before!

  18. Victor Chan (verified owner)

    I am a electric bidet user for over 15 years. I have been using/used big brands from Japan and Korea, 5 different bidet so far. And I must say this one is the only one that have a build-in water pump, it is the most powerful one compares to all the one I have used (in term of water pressure), this extra pressure is very helpful when using the massage mode. The water temperature for this one is a bit less warm compare to others, maybe because it is a hybrid water heating system other then pure instant heated, however it is warm enough that you won’t get chilled when u use it even in winter. Another one thing I am so impressed is the remote control is well designed, easy to understand with Clock and timer (which is new to me). I will give this bidet a 8/10…. I took away 2 points for my #1 rule on electronic, the extra feature means one more risk of failing. The water pump will be a critical component, if it fail, the whole bidet won’t be useable. I will come back to update this review after 3/6/12 months, if there are any problem with this water pump. Cheers!

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