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Why the VOVO TCB Series Leads the All-In-One Bidet Toilet Market in Canada

When VOVOUSA approached Toiletland Canada with their product line, I initially thought it was another typical spam email. I frequently receive offers from Asian manufacturers touting their latest and greatest bidet models.

The challenge is, many of these products are merely revamps of older models, making it difficult to distinguish quality products from subpar ones. The generally broken English used in these communications often exacerbates this difficulty, along with an over-reliance on attractive prices and a few pictures to get me to sell and advertise their products.

Toiletland Canada, however, only endorses the highest-quality bidets for Canadians, with integrated bidet toilets representing an especially exceptional category. When we first started with bidet replacement seats, it was VOVOUSA and its initial offerings that intrigued us the most. Despite being a value sales leader in replacement seats, their TCB series integrated smart bidet toilets were a first in Canada, and we’ve been proud to offer them ever since.

The TCB-090 series received glowing reviews, with live technicians available via phone or video call to help troubleshoot any potential issues. Its higher price tag did deter some homeowners, but that’s where the TCB-8100 series comes in.

The 8100 series offers a lower starting price point and features a compact, round design, making it perfect for budget-conscious bathroom renovations. It’s a sales leader due to its attractive price point and doesn’t cannibalise sales of the 090 series, which has a wider seat and auto up/down function for the seat and lid.

The only drawback so far is the limited 1-year warranty, and we’re still waiting to see how its quality will stand the test of time compared to other brands we’ve been selling for years.

Despite Biobidet being a sales leader for bidet seats in Canada, the VOVOUSA brand is making a strong entrance in terms of toilets with bidet functions. Biobidet also offers a model, but the VOVO unit outsells the Biobidet model 10 to 1 in this particular category. To Biobidet’s credit, they still lead the bidet seat sales in Canada.

We think Biobidet lost this particular race due to their higher price. If you check all three models on our Toiletland Canada website, you’ll notice that the Biobidet model is the most expensive and, arguably, not as aesthetically pleasing. VOVO really hit a home run with its price-performance ratio in this market.

After all, most of our customers are hesitant to spend hundreds of dollars on a device that improves a daily habit for the rest of their lives. It’s important to them to get the best value for money, especially when it comes to bathroom renovations and upgrades. This is why we believe the Korean manufacturer, much like its automaker counterparts, is making significant strides.

This article may sound like a promotional piece for selling more bidet toilets in Canada, but promoting and servicing the best bidets for the Canadian market has always been Toiletland Canada’s mission. We’re proud to be part of VOVOUSA’s plan to expand in this market. Reviews from our site, as well as VOVO’s Amazon Store, hint at a promising future for them.

Just for clarity, we adhere to VOVOUSA’s minimum advertised price policy, meaning our prices match those on Amazon Canada, as VOVOUSA owns the store. The only difference by buying from us is that you’d be supporting a small business and have more personalised customer support, although VOVOUSA’s customer service is also excellent when it comes to troubleshooting or maximising the use of their TCB VOVO integrated bidet toilets.

In addition to the Amazon reviews, VOVOUSA’s marketing efforts on YouTube deserve credit. Their charming animations of the TCB series provide a breath of fresh air in advertising, showcasing their excellent craftsmanship and work ethic. They leave no question unanswered with their detailed installation, usage, and troubleshooting videos.

It has been three years since we started selling VOVOUSA’s products, and we are delighted to continue our business relationship. If you’re considering a bidet for yourself, especially an all-in-one model like a toilet with bidet functions, we encourage you to do more research and wait for a sale. VOVOUSA and we run monthly sales that can help you save up to 20% per unit. So, bookmark our VOVO page to stay informed!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions about this topic. We’re just a phone call or email away, ready to discuss a device that improves the quality of life for many Canadians and others around the world.

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