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BioBidet Slim One Review Setting The Benchmark At $350 CAD

Welcome to Toiletland Canada’s comprehensive Bio Bidet Slim One Review.

With the continuing success of the Biobidet BB-2000, the Slim One has truly set a benchmark with class-leading water pressure at an irresistible price point.

Toiletland 2023 Top Sellers

When the Biobidet BB-2000 first came out, the retail price was a staggering one thousand dollars Canadian. Yet, it quickly became a bestseller. Our data suggests that as of 2023, the BB-2000 has outsold its leading competitors at a ratio of 10 to 1, sometimes even 20 to 1 as the bidet is almost over 5 years old and has gone down in price significantly since its inception.

In light of the increasingly competitive market dynamics and growing demand for affordable, high-quality bidets, Biobidet made a strategic move. They introduced the Slim Series, a new line of bidets specifically designed to address these market trends. The Slim One is the flagship model in this series, embodying the manufacturer’s commitment to affordability, functionality, and elegance.

The Slim One stands out with a remarkable 46% price reduction compared to the current BB-2000 pricing on Toiletland. Despite its affordable price tag, the Slim One does not compromise on features. It boasts a sleek profile, class-leading heating options, and a 3-in-1 stainless steel retractable nozzle. Notably, the Slim One’s design integrates the controller with the bidet, resulting in a visually appealing aesthetic.

Built with the beloved features of the BB-2000 in mind, the Slim One boasts 5 water pressure settings, 3 heat settings, and 3 nozzle settings. Notably, it includes the Pulse and Turbo options — features borrowed from Biobidet’s higher-end models that are known to ease constipation. While some critics may argue in favor of a wireless remote control over the Slim One’s integrated design, it’s hard to dismiss the Slim One’s unrivalled slimness in its category. Furthermore, when you compare specs, its dimensions stand competitively at its price point, enhancing its value proposition.


From the Slim One Manual

The Slim One generally receives high praise, but it’s not without its criticisms. One notable concern is the warranty coverage, which lasts for only a year. Most competitors, including Bio Bidet’s premium offerings, usually offer at least double that duration. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see whether the interplay of quality and cost reduction resonates with a new generation of consumers. The bidet market is dynamically evolving, with prices progressively dropping to a level that encourages wider adoption, particularly in the Canadian market. Priced at $350 CAD, the Slim One sets a commendable standard for bidet pricing, a significant drop compared to when Toiletland Canada sold its very first bidet — yes, the BB-2000!

While we’re discussing cost, it’s worth noting that the Slim One does not include a heated dryer feature, so don’t plan on ditching your toilet paper rack just yet! These cost savings had to come from somewhere, and most entry-level bidet users don’t mind trading a few luxury features for the opportunity to save several hundred dollars. This trade-off could make an upgrade to the other BB series models in our lineup more feasible for many. Be thankful that heated seats come standard!

Another issue reported by a reviewer is the poor installation instructions provided in the manual. The official manual details seven steps, which may seem straightforward, but when plumbers charge upwards of $150 an hour just to visit your home, you’ll be eager to figure out how to complete the process yourself in seven steps. Have a look at the manual – do you think you can tackle the task?

The best detailed reviews so far are Amazon.com American users of the bidet and most of them have been pretty positive despite the oddball quality control here and there. 

For a video review we approve of Brain’s Reports videos which can be found in this link

Whether the Canadian market takes the same acceptance remains to be seen as we start to sell these and gain feedback from our customers that continue to love Biobidet products for years to come. Please contact us if you like to share your Biobidet Slim One experience!


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