Biobidet Slim Two Bidet Seat With Child Wash



Typically, a plug on a bidet seat signals a hefty price tag, but the Slim Two breaks the mold. This powerhouse forms the vanguard of the Slim series, bursting with premium features without breaking the bank.

This bidet boasts all the must-have features – a heated seat, remote control neatly housed in a side panel, and a stainless-steel wand that performs triple duty. These elements highlight why BioBidet consistently stays ahead of the pack with both its luxury and economy lines.

A heated seat is a given with the Slim Two, but here’s the kicker – it even offers heated water. Say goodbye to lukewarm experiences; it’s time to level up with BioBidet’s Slim Two. Leading the bidet revolution has never felt this good, or this warm!

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A Slim Design with a Minimal Price

Starting $399 Canadian

Kids Approved

Biobidet was thinking for the whole family! The "Child wash" option - ensures that the water pressure for this setting is at its lowest, so your little one will feel like they're in the spa!

Detailed Controls

Customize your experience with our toilet's five nozzle positions, five water pressure levels, and three seat temperature ranges for ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

Fusion Water Heating Tech

Biobidet's advanced fusion water heating system incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver a sustainable and continuous supply of warm water without the cold shock!


Check Your Toilet Type

If you have a skirted type B toilet, you may qualify for a free kit from our team. The kit is specially made for your toilet and will enhance its functionality as it is it needs to be requested.


Elongated or Round

To ensure a perfect fit for your toilet, please verify its size before making a purchase. Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are more than happy to help.


110 volt Outlet Required

Most bathrooms do have a plug but apparently one next to the washroom is considered a luxury! Ask your electrician as our cord is 3 feet long for the bidet!

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Slim Two Bidet Seat

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1 year warranty with Biobidet. 

Bio Bidet warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects under normal use and service for a period as defined above from the purchase date. This warranty is extended only to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 20.8 × 15.9 × 6.8 in
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