Hi We’re happy to show you the Coral UC300 water filter! A product that’s great for people who cares about their health and wants pure drinking water. The filter has three stages that remove 75 different harmful things in water like lead and dirt.

  1. The Sediment Filter: Gets rid of sand, rust, and dirt in your water.
  2. The Pre-Carbon Filter: Catches harmful stuff like VOCs and inky stuff.
  3. The Carbon Block Filter: Improves your water by lessen chemicals, bad tastes, smells, and heavy metals.

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Quick And Easy
Filter Replacement.

Three-Stage Under Sink Water Filtration System

Sediment Filter

An essential component of water filtration systems, ensuring cleaner and clearer water by capturing larger particles that can affect water quality and clog other filters.

Pre-carbon Filter

The initial stage of filtration, primarily focusing on removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other common contaminants from the water.

Carbon Block Filter

It employs activated carbon to effectively reduce various impurities from water, including chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bad odors, and inky tastes.

Straightforward Installation Process

The product arrives with a faucet hose, t-valve, and multiple adapters already pre-installed, ensuring convenience and ease of setup for users.


Advanced 3-Stage Filtration

The carbon block filter diminishes chemicals, unpleasant flavors, smells, and heavy metals..

Water Quality
Association Certification

Possesses WQA certification for effectively reducing 75 different contaminants, among them lead and chloramines.


Simple, DIY Installation

Replacing with fresh filters is effortless using the user-friendly twist-and-seal replacement system.


Elegant Chrome Water-Dispensing Faucet

No need to remember filter changes – the LED Indicator alerts when the 12-month lifespan is up.


Introducing the Coral UC300 water filtration system! This certified product ensures clean and safe drinking water. With its 3-stage filtration, effectively removes up to 75 impurities like asbestos, lead, and chlorine. Worry no more about unwanted substances in your water. For health-conscious individuals, the Coral UC300 is the best water filters available. Not only does it deliver exceptional performance, but also an attractive design. Experience pure and high-quality water today!


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