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Swash DS725



Dependable cleanliness paired with indulgent comfort. Experience the superior hygiene you desire with the Swash DS725, enriched with cherished features from our opulent electronic bidet models. Revel in the convenience of adjustable wash preferences, invigorating warm water cleansing, and a soothing warm air dryer, all managed effortlessly by the inclusive wireless remote. The incorporation of an illuminating LED nightlight and an activated carbon deodorizer contribute inviting elements that truly accumulate. Swash DS725: Elevate your hygiene and comfort with dependable cleanliness and indulgent features. Enjoy adjustable wash preferences, warm water cleansing, and warm air drying, all managed by a wireless remote. With an LED nightlight and activated carbon deodorizer, it’s a blend of luxury and functionality.

  • customizable cleansing preferences
  • nightlight, remote control, warm water cleansing, and heated seating
  • carbon deodorizer and comforting warm air drying
  • stainless steel spray nozzle
  • an ecologically mindful solution for your restroom
  • thoughtfully designed for straightforward installation
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Swash DS725

A Reliable Clean,
With Comfort to Spare.

Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat with Remote Control®


An Eco-Friendly Option For Your Restroom

Incorporating numerous beloved elements present in our high-end electronic bidet models.

LED Nightlight With Switchable Illumination.

The inclusion of an LED nightlight and an activated carbon deodorizer are inviting details that make a significant difference.


Stainless Steel Spray

The self-cleaning nozzle feature operates both before and after your cleansing.


User-Friendly Remote

Appreciate the customizable washing options, heated water wash, and warm air drying, all managed through the provided wireless remote.

swash ds725 swash ds725
swash ds725

The Swash DS725 is meticulously crafted to provide a sensation of unparalleled freshness, incorporating considerate elements that excel in delivering a comfortable experience.

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