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The Slim Three Bidet Seat by Bio Bidet is a luxurious bidet seat that offers an adjustable heated seat, night-light, and child-friendly wash settings. It is designed for an easy DIY install and offers superior cleaning results at an affordable price. The Slim Three Bidet Seat is a three-in-one bidet system with a stainless steel nozzle, adjustable water pressure, wireless remote, warm air dryer, and adjustable nozzle.

Upgrade your bathroom with the Slim Three Bidet Seat, combining comfort, convenience, and cleanliness, all in one elegant package. Elevate your bathroom experience to new heights and redefine your understanding of modern hygiene. Make the smart choice today and embrace the future of bidet technology with the Slim Three Bidet Seat.


Your Personal

Water Does It Better®

Customizable Heated Seating

Indulge in total comfort with the seat's adjustable heating feature.

Tailored Cleansing

Offers five nozzle positions and five water pressure levels, allowing you to customize the cleansing process according to your individual preferences, ensuring thorough and gentle cleansing every time.

Easy Installation

The Slim 3 Bidet Seat fits most standard toilet fixtures, and its straightforward installation process ensures you can enjoy its benefits without any hassle.


Toilet-Enhancing Fixture

Before making your purchase, be sure to verify your toilet size to ensure compatibility. Take a quick measurement from the center of the bolt holes to the edge of the bowl to confirm the perfect fit for your Toilet-Enhancing Fixture. Your upgraded bathroom experience awaits!


Toilet Compatibility

Our Bio Bidet Seats are designed to fit most one and two-piece toilets. Prior to purchasing, ensure your toilet type is compatible for a seamless upgrade.


Power Source

This electric bidet toilet seat operates with a standard 110-volt outlet. Ensure you have a nearby GFCI outlet, and the power cord measures 4 feet in length, providing convenient installation options.

From Our Customers

Slim Three
Bidet Seat

Water Does It Better®

British Columbia 2-3 business days

Alberta 3-4 business days

Saskatchewan/Manitoba 4-5 business days

Ontario and beyond 4-9 business days. 

1 year warranty with Biobidet. 

Bio Bidet warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects under normal use and service for a period as defined above from the purchase date. This warranty is extended only to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER.

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