VOVO TCB-090S Integrated Smart Toilet Bidet Seat with Auto Dual Flush


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Automatic Flushing System

Differentiates large and small flushes through detecting the time the user has been seated

Tankless System

Connects the pipe directly to provide clean operation with direct water supply

Eco Friendly Power Save Mode

Saving power whenever it can through an LED indicator display

LED Night Light

No more turning the light on to use the loo, keeping it dark helps you to continue your sleep after

Extra Wide and Comfortable Seat

Maximizing comfort by ergonomically adding an inch wide to the bidet seat

Heated Dryer with Auto Deodorizer Function

A green experience from start to finish without the smell! No toilet paper needed!

3 in 1 Full Stainless-Steel Nozzle

Forever lasting with the best materials, along with 3 unique functions.

Additional information

Weight123.20 lbs
Dimensions16.1 × 21 × 28.3 in
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