VOVO VB-4000SE/4100SR Luxury Bidet Seat Made in Korea



With the success of their Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet, VOVO recently released the VB4000 replacement toilet seats series. Since introduction into the Canadian Market in 2019, the Korean manufacturer has been on a tear trying to take the crown from competitors Biobidet and Brondell. This space once pioneered by Toto Japan, paved a way to new hygienic standards, as manufacturers from all over the world provide upgrades for the typical North American normal toilet seat. The VOVO VB-4000 makes its debut with a much lower base MSRP while maintaining the same feature set as their competitors such as the Discovery DLS. Toiletland Canada is happy to welcome this new product line, as any product that we sell we will stand behind in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Scroll down for the product presentation in full.

Designed with exquisite attention to detail, this bidet seat exudes elegance and sophistication. Its sleek and modern aesthetic seamlessly integrates into any bathroom decor, adding a touch of refinement to your space.

VOVO’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the VB-4000SE/4100SR, as it prioritizes water and energy efficiency without compromising on performance. This bidet seat is not only a luxurious addition to your bathroom but also an environmentally responsible choice.

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Luxury Bidet Seat®

Enjoy a heated seat featuring a 24-hour power-saving mode and 3 temperature options, all controllable via the wireless remote.

Heated Seat

Warm Dry & Water

The water heating mechanism elevates water temperature, while the integrated air dryer offers five adjustable heat levels.


LED Night Light

The inner bowl is gently illuminated by the LED night light for convenient nighttime use.


Soft Close

Enhanced safety with no-slam, soft-close seat and cover mechanism.


Power Save

Verify power-saving mode via LED indicator.

power save

Mesh Filter

Long-lasting filters that require infrequent replacement, offering extended usability without frequent purchasing..


Simple Sleek Design

Elegant logo creation for VOVO
brand, encapsulating luxury.


Auto Self-Cleaning

The nozzle undergoes automatic cleaning both before and after use.



Conserve water, Preserve forests.


Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 20.8 × 15 × 5.1 in

Seat Type/Color


4 reviews for VOVO VB-4000SE/4100SR Luxury Bidet Seat Made in Korea

  1. robertciarlo (verified owner)

    I live in Ontario and ordered a Vovo 4000 bidet seat from Toiletland and I have been extremely pleased and satisfied with my product and service . Phillip has been terrific with his responses and the seat is easy to install and it operates as advertised. I would support both the product and the care provided by Toiletland and recommend it to all.

  2. jmahner (verified owner)

    I’ve never had a bidet or even used one before. I started out by asking some questions and Phillip was very responsive which I appreciated big time. I ordered the Vovo 4000 bidet from Toiletland and it arrived quickly with no damage. I was a bit leery of a buying a brand I’ve never heard of but liked the features and the cost so went for it. Now that I’ve got it installed, I could not be happier. It works like a charm and I love it! Toiletland was very good to work with and Vovo is going strong. Thanks so much

  3. James Keigher (verified owner)

    I ordered the VOVO VB-4000SE as part of a bathroom renovation. It was to replace a 10 year old BioBidet BB-1000. The BB-1000 was still going strong, although the seat and lid dampers had worn out a few years back. The BB-1000 has been moved to the water closet on the ground floor, and the VB-4000SE has been installed in the newly renovated master bathroom on the first floor.

    What follows is a comparative review of the two bidet attachments. You must remember that I am comparing a 10 year old model to a new one. The current BB-1000 may have been upgraded since I first purchased it.

    Both the VB-4000SE and the BB-1000 essentially do the same task, for about the same price. They do, however, have their differences.
    The Vovo has some nice features that my BB-1000 does not.

    The VB-4000SE has a night light in the bowl. A nice feature for those older gentlemen who have issues with night water. I don’t have to turn on the overhead lamp in the bathroom, in order to see what I’m doing. It can be switched on and off from a button on the remote.

    The VB-4000SE also has an Ultraviolet lamp, which sanitizes the toilet bowl. Another nice to have feature, especially if you have very young children who are just learning to use a toilet, and often forget to flush! The documentation that came with my bidet did not mention this. The online description from this website says it was added to the 2022 models. As I purchased mine in June, of 2022, I presumed that I would have that feature. This leads me to believe that I received and older model, and not the 2022 version. This was a minor disappointment, on the part of the vendor.

    The VB-4000SE shows three temperature settings for the water, seat, and air dryer. The user manual says that they are 97°F, 100°F, and 104°F. That translates to 36.1°C, 37.8°C, and 40°C, respectively. Normal skin temperature ranges between 33.5 and 36.9 °C (92.3 and 98.4 °F.) The bidet’s temperature range is too narrow, and the high end is too hot. A setting of 30, 33.5, and 37 °C (86, 92.3, and 98.6 °F,) would be a better choice. I have them all set to the lowest setting, and I still find it gets too warm.
    I have the temperature settings on my BB-1000 all set to the middle indicator, and I find them to be very comfortable. Warm enough to do the job, but not too hot for the tender bits.

    The biggest disappointment I found in the VB-4000 was poor water pressure. At it’s highest setting, the water pressure on the VB-4000 is about the same as the BB-1000 on its second level.

    I have my BB-1000 set to the third level. In my opinion, the VB-4000 just barely does the job when set to it’s highest level, and is ineffectual at the lower levels. There are no kinks or restrictions in the water supply lines, and water pressure is the same for both units. That is, according to Pascal’s Principal of enclosed hydraulic systems.

    The troubleshooting guide in the user manual says that if the water pressure is too low, remove and clean the strainer filter, (located in the supplied hose.) I removed the screen, inspected it, and washed it out, although there was nothing blocking the screen.

    A new unit should not come with debris in the hose. I have a “Whole House” filtration system, with dual filters, and so I did doubt that that was the issue. I even tried the VB-4000 without the screen, in an attempt to increase flow, but to no avail.

    The final criticism for the VB-4000 is also related to water pressure. The “Turbo Wash” is mostly useless.

    The user manual says that it starts out at the lowest pressure setting, and that’s it! No other information. If you read the description on the Toiletland website, it says it can be adjusted while in use. It will not, however, remember its last setting. At its highest pressure setting, the turbo feature is no more effective than the regular posterior wash.

    The BB-1000, however, takes its “Vortex” pressure from the posterior setting, and is very effective. It will clean your inner sphincter quite effectively. That is something that my VB-4000 will not do. For those users who experience bowel issues, such as diarrhea or constipation, that is something they would want to have in a bidet.

    In conclusion, I had expected that the VB-4000 would perform equally with the BB-1000, but I have found that not to be the case. In hindsight, I feel that I should have spent the extra and bought the BB-2000, or at the least a new BB-1000 for about the same price.

    The VB-4000 is an adequate unit, but it does not stand out in performance. If the manufacturer were to increase the pressure settings, and change the temperature settings, they would have a first class bidet, that would put all others in its price range to shame.


  4. zabmcauley (verified owner)

    I ordered my Vovo 4000SR mid July and it was delivered when expected. Had some issues installing as it didn’t come with the right connection pieces.

    Unlike another reviewer I found the water pressure too high. On the lowest of 5 settings the water the pressure is high enough to clean out my insides. It was not expected, but it can be useful for any slow starters or constipation.
    If I want a gentler cleanse I have to use the front nozzle position intended for genitals. Even with the most forward nozzle position I have to lean forward so that the spray will actually reach genitals.

    The warm water is my favourite feature. The seat warmer is nice as is the air dry, though less important. The instructions say to dab dry before you use the dry feature.

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