Replacement for BB-2000 Remote Control (Both Models)



If you accidently broke your Biobidet BB-2000 remote control you can order a new one here! Currently the only color is white. This item will be shipped from the United States via UPS, customer will be responsible for duties upon delivery. You will not be charged sales tax for this item.

With its ergonomic design and intuitive interface, operating your device becomes effortless. The responsive buttons ensure quick and accurate commands, while the user-friendly layout guarantees a seamless navigation experience. Say goodbye to the frustrations of a malfunctioning remote and embrace the efficiency of our Replacement for BB-2000 Remote Control.

Not only does it restore full functionality to your BB-2000 system, but it also brings added features and upgrades. Take advantage of advanced settings to customize your device’s performance, allowing you to tailor it precisely to your preferences.

Crafted with durability in mind, this remote is built to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its reliable signal transmission guarantees stable connections, ensuring you have control when you need it most.

Upgrade your home entertainment experience with our Replacement for BB-2000 Remote Control. Enjoy the convenience, precision, and enhanced functionality it brings to your fingertips. Embrace the future of control technology and elevate your device management today.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 11 in


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