Biobidet Discovery DLS Luxury Bidet Seat



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After the recent success of the Biobidet BB-2000, the team decided to ask their customers to see what features of the bidet seat they liked the most. Four years later the Biobidet Discovery DLS was released on January 8th, 2021 going on the market as Biobidet’s premium flagship bidet seat. Toiletland Canada is proud to be the first Canadian vendor to feature the unit and we cannot wait to hear your experiences after the recent success of the Biobidet BB-2000!

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    • Auto Open/Close
    • UV Sterilization
    • Low Profile Design
    • Heated Seat
    • Night Light
    • Dynamic Stream
    • Low Profile Design
    • Adjustable Settings
    • Enhanced Air Dryer
    • Premier 5 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions20.79 × 16.38 × 5.59 in
Seat Type/Color

Remote Color


2 reviews for Biobidet Discovery DLS Luxury Bidet Seat

  1. mevanp (verified owner)

    This seat is easy to use and looks are amazing! Heater works great, water temp is spot on every time. Very well thought out remote. Invest your money in the Discovery DLS and enjoy a new way of life. I just ordered my second BioBidet Discovery DLS.

  2. Ryan Augusto (verified owner)

    Just received my Discovery DLS yesterday. It’s the first bidet seat I’ve ever purchased! I outdid myself a bit but I don’t regret it one bit. This thing makes you feel like you’ve just left a spa every time you use the bathroom. We all know it doesn’t usually feel that way.

    I think that it’s taking some time for North America to get used to the idea of using water to clean ourselves rather than toilet paper. Make an investment in yourself. It feels good, and will save you some cash on toilet paper. Truth is I was using around $300 in toilet paper per year in my household anyway. If this last me 8 years I’ve more than payed it off and started investing for the next one!

    Phillip, the owner of Toiletland is fantastic. I’ve had a really great experience using this company as they were incredibly attentive to me throughout the entire process including the delayed shipping issues due to the holiday.

    Thanks a lot Toiletland! Feels good to be clean! 😀

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