VOVO VB-6000SE/6100SR Premium Bidet Seat Made in Korea



With the success of their Integrated Smart Bidet Toilet, Korean manufacturer VOVO recently released the VB4000/VB6000 bidet replacement toilet seats series. Since introduction into the Canadian Market in 2019, the Korean manufacturer has been doing their best to take the crown from competitors Biobidet and Brondell. Starting with a low MSRP, the VOVO 6000 series includes all the luxury features of the VB-4000 series without the deodorizer feature. Toiletland Canada is happy to welcome the VOVO family line as their customer service and product quality is a welcome addition to our store. Please scroll down for the rest of the product presentation and as a bonus all VOVO products are shipped for FREE anywhere in Canada!

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Weight11 lbs
Dimensions20.8 × 15 × 5.1 in

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