Eco-Nova Slim Deluxe Luxury Bidet Seat



Made for the twenty twenty century, the Eco Nova bidet sets benchmarks like warm air drying, Radio Frequency remote control, UV sterilizing lights, and best water pressure cleansing in its class. Plus, its sleek form factor maintains the industry standard for modern design. Come see why this is Toiletland’s choice for the ultimate luxury when it comes to bidet toilet seats.

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  • Eco Nova bidet comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee
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Experience the pinnacle of personal hygiene and indulge in a new level of cleanliness with this innovative bidet seat, carefully crafted to elevate your bathroom experience and upgrade your bathroom routine with the Eco-Nova Slim Deluxe Luxury Bidet Seat and experience a new level of personal comfort and hygiene. Treat yourself to an eco-conscious solution that elevates your bathroom experience while minimizing your environmental footprint. Join the growing number of individuals who are embracing the future of personal cleanliness with the Eco-Nova Slim Deluxe Luxury Bidet Seat.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20.43 × 7.72 × 5.24 in

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3 reviews for Eco-Nova Slim Deluxe Luxury Bidet Seat

  1. jimarmo (verified owner)

    Hi, just bought the ‘Eco-Nova Slim Deluxe Luxury Bidet Seat’ yesterday at Toiletland. Wonderful experience! No fuss! Phillip was amazing; very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Answered all my questions on the fly. I highly recommend Toiletland and Phillip to all those who are shopping for any product related to toilets. Very impressive. Thank you. (And I will be back with a review of the Eco-Nova Slim Deluxe Luxury Bidet Seat once I installed it.)

  2. jimarmo (verified owner)

    Very nice bidet-seat. Very easy to install.

    Everything works fine. Heated seat, auto-clean, water jet, dryer, temperature settings and very nice remote. Really great finish and look. Not bulky at all.

    Special thanks to Phillip!

  3. DavidB (verified owner)

    Our Eco-Nova Slim Deluxe Bidet arrived last week and I installed it on Dec 30. Took about an hour. It’s an easy installation, although a large, clear drawing of the bracket mounting would have been helpful. There are 2-3 different ways the washers can be arranged but only one way actually works so I figured that part out by trial and error. I dropped it one star for skimpy instructions. The bidet works well. Lots of pressure. Good, easy to use remote. Nice low profile look. If it lasts as long as it is supposed to we will be happy with it.

    For comparison, we previously had a Clean Touch CT-2000. After a few months of use, the seat began to crack. I patched it with epoxy and fibre glass. We carried on with the seat and lid developing more cracks. I eventually gave up repairing it (the heaviest person here is 180 lb). It was ugly but still usable until a valve failed last month. It was about two and a half years old at that point. It was about half the price of the Eco-Nova. False economy.

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