Biobidet-1000 Supreme Advanced


At 100% customer satisfaction rate, the BB-1000 from Biobidet set the standard when wanting premium features in a bidet seat.

Despite being in the market for a few years now, the BB-1000 has proven the test of time with its reliability ratings and comprehensive list of features which you can check out by scrolling down.

Hence the BB-1000 makes a great value proposition, as newer models with the same feature set such as the newly redesigned Swash 1200-1400 series can cost hundreds of dollars more.

Don’t forget to click the video tab to see the BB-1000 in action!

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    • [list_bullet type=”check” ]

    • Patented 3-in-1 nozzle system
    • Oscillating
    • Wide cleaning
    • Pulsating
    • Massage cleaning
    • Patented vortex water stream
    • Satisfying posterior cleaning
    • Soft feminine cleaning
    • Bubble infusion
    • Nozzle self-clean


    • [list_bullet type=”star” ]

    • wireless remote controls
    • Easy nozzle replacement
    • Adjustable heated seat
    • Powerful deodorizer
    • Intelligent body sensor
    • Adjustable warm air dry
    • Slow closing
    • Quick release for easy cleaning
    • Automatic power save
    • 3 year limited warranty


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1 review for Biobidet-1000 Supreme Advanced

  1. mlkway88 (verified owner)

    BB-1000- Excellent all around…your butt…that is….nice unit- decent longevity and all the perks one needs.Had one for a long time and had to order another one after years of testing.
    Supreme service from where a word is a promise and communication is prompt and paramount.
    Big thanks to stuff and management!

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